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Nigerian firm uses web-based solutions to Safe-guard mobile and fixed assets for organizations

Safeguarding company assets has been a major challenge to corporate organizations in Nigeria. When viewed against the huge capital investments in stationary and major mobile assets, energy and power sources it becomes exceedingly complex and challenging. 

To many focused organizations, fundamental to the safeguarding of critical assets is an effective corporate security management system, be it internal or out-sourced

However, determining what “safeguarding” means to company executives and directors represent only the first steps toward establishing effective enterprise-wide risk management. To progress further towards successful risk management companies must integrate into their procedures the many facets of risk and opportunity analysis and complications in information flow and decision-making.

Two of the very critical areas of concerns to many organizations today are

  • ASSET MONITORING, especially, dealing with fleet Management challenges
Source: Gambus Energy

Executives are worried about the drain on their resources which result from poor or total lack of effective systems of monitoring and control of the asset, such as vehicles, vessels, Generators etc.

Thankfully a Nigerian firm has taken up the challenge of helping organizations manage their critical assets and ensure optimum performance of the users, especially, fleet drivers and supervisors, fixed assets attendants and technicians, etc.

Moov Logistics News tracked and spoke to the experts running Gambus Energy Limited, a focused tracking and fleet management solutions providers. Gambus is a leading provider of end-to-end solutions for remote assets performance monitoring that enables significant operational cost reduction; better customer service and safety operation, which has resulted in broadening its service range.

Our correspondent learnt that as a result of their web-based solutions, Gambus can, “track and manage the performance of both mobile and stationary assets, leaving you to enjoy total visibility of your assets (vehicles, vessels Generators etc.)”.



Source: Gambus Energy

In managing your fleet, “you will enjoy reduced travel time, mileage and vehicle running costs. This will translate to increased productivity, efficiency in your business and visible cost savings.”

Some organizations our correspondent spoke to agreed that with GAMBUS kind of asset tracking and management, their assets are never out of sight or mind again.



Source: Gambus Energy

A number of reports are generated periodically to ensure the total management of the assets. These include:

  • Documentation Management
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Driver Behaviour Management: Driver
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Geo-Fencing- Restriction of vehicle to a particular geographical location
  • Driver Identification System
  • Route Mapping





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