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Some friends and former colleagues have for some time inundated me with entreaties to take up a newspaper column and talk about logistics issues. Well, I didn’t think there are enough topical issues to talk about on Logistics. Logistics is not fashion, music, arts, sport or any human interest topic that generate a lot of interests for one to devote so time to churn out issue after issue and taking a position in each case.

But some job chats I have sat at recently opened my eyes to the bankruptcy of information on the subject, even among practitioners. Added to that is the lack of depth among new job seekers and the horde of graduates coming out of our ivory towers recently who are populating the labour market.  These issues made me rethink not taking up a column.

But rather than churn out boring issues week after week I will like to take on questions and issues that people want to find answers to. ASK LARRY is the name of the column. Ask me any questions on logistics and I will do my best to give a very simple, and rewarding answer. If the question is beyond me, I will find an expert who will handle it to the best of the person’s knowledge.

So beginning Tuesday, July 11, 2017, ASK LARRY will be published every Tuesday going. I will be answering your questions on logistics and supply-chain. I will also find time to handle some logistics job interview questions on logistics situational and behavioral topics that have floored many candidates or exposed their unseriousness and lack of knowledge of this noble industry and offer useful tips for successful interviews.

Here are two very old interview questions I have asked at many job chats and don’t get intelligent and informed answers from the prospective job seekers. I have used them below to kick-start this column by turning them into readers’ questions and providing tips on what the interviewer wants to hear.

For example:


Hi Larry,

Why do you think logistics is such an important part of an organization?

Larry:     Logistics is the basis of the success of any organization. Without the planning and effective execution of the distribution of resources, the organization will not function effectively and would begin to die slowly. It is only if each department and individual are receiving all they require to operate optimally that their success is guaranteed. Otherwise, there is a huge chance that deadlines won’t be met, and that work quality will deteriorate.


Hi Larry,

What does a bill of lading contain?

Larry:     A bill of lading includes following details:

• Name and complete address of shippers and receivers
• Special account numbers or PO used between business for order tracking
• Instruction for the carrier for secure delivery
• Date of the shipment
• Number of shipping units
• Types of packaging that includes cartons, pallets, skids, and drums
• Description about the shipped items (common name & material of manufacture)
• Declared value of the goods being shipped
• Note included if there is any hazardous substance in it
• Exact weight of the shipments – for multiple commodities, weight for each commodity is mentioned separately
• Freight classification of the items shipped, according to NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification).


Hi Larry,

One Kilogram on iron and one kilogram of cotton which is heavier?

Larry:     I have heard many interviewees tell me that the one kilogram of iron was heavier. But the answer is, none. One kilogram is equal to another kilogram no matter the commodity.


Comments on the issues above should be made below. All questions and comments must be related to logistics and supply-chain to be eligible for consideration and publication. New questions and answers will be published next Tuesday. Keep sending your questions.


Copyright – Moov Africa 2017.     Comments on any published question or answer should be made below and will be well appreciated and published. Readers’ comments and reactions may be published if they meet our editorial policy. Readers’ comments and reactions do not represent the opinion of the publishers, Moov Nigeria and Moov Africa. All questions and contributions should be sent to: or

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