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A review of the Nigerian Aviation Industry in 2017

Murtala Mohamed Int'l Airport Ikeja Lagos Lagos (The Guardian) - The year 2017 was an upbeat year for the aviation industry in Nigeria. With the country exiting the economic recession from the previous year, the aviation sector in 2017 witnessed some positive developments which experts believe should be leveraged upon to

Reason why some countries drive on the left side of the road

Redwood Forest Northern California driving point of view on the left side of the road. Based on Statistics about 76 countries and territories use left-hand traffic, and the practice is believed to have originated in ancient Rome to help defend against enemy attacks.  Why do some countries drive on the left side

Around 6,000 Swiss VW owners seek damages in emissions scandal

ZURICH (Reuters) - Swiss consumer protection organization SKS has filed a claim on behalf of some 6,000 car owners seeking damages from Volkswagen AG and Swiss car dealer AMAG related to the “Dieselgate” emissions scandal. The claim has been lodged with the Zurich commercial court. Imagine your Ad placed here SKS said it was assuming damages amounted

Tribute: Father of Mazda’s Rotary Engine Is Dead

Photo: A rotary engine Mr. Yamamoto and his team developed in the 1960s. CreditMazda Motor Corporation   Kenichi Yamamoto, who led the engineering team that produced a commercially viable rotary engine at the company now known as Mazda Motor Company and later became its president and chairman, died on Dec. 20 in Kanagawa Prefecture,

Why Nigerians May Not Buy Petrol At N145 Anytime Soon

Abuja - Vehicles queuing for petrol as scarcity of the commodity persists in on Monday, December 18, 2017 (Premium Times) - The desire of Nigerians in many cities to buy petrol at N145 per litre may not materialize anytime soon, an investigation has shown. Findings by an undercover PREMIUM TIMES reporter, who

E-commerce triggers a tsunami of returns this holiday season

UPS dispatch  Returns are the unsung antiheroes of the e-commerce saga, but this holiday season, they’re getting their moment in the spotlight, because it turns out that for all the advantages of shopping online, nothing beats the old-fashioned dressing room. “E-commerce’s painless return policies are duping us,” wrote’s Inkoo Kang. “And