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Healthy Tips for Air Travellers






Our health is in our hands and whether we stay on the ground or fly up in the air, there are certain precautions we can take to make our journeys more enjoyable.

Here are some nice to know Healthy tips for happy trips.

On a flight, don’t Sit tight

Change your sitting position frequently and avoid crossing your legs and arms. Keep moving to avoid clotting disorder, such as deep vein thrombosis. (DVT).

Dont Stress, Just Stretch

Loosen up your body and stretch your arm and legs to keep the blood flowing. Checkout some in-flight exercises that keep your body active.

“Ear Us Out
Cabin pressure changes affect many passengers differently and can cause extreme ear problems. Try using ear-buds, sucking on sweets or holding your nostrils and gently blowing through the nose.

Sleeping Pills’ll make you ill
Popping a sleeping pill and dosing off on a flight  for hours might seem like an appealing idea. But it can lead to reduced blood circulation and end up making you feel groggy.

Choose Loose
Pack up your fine fitting clothes and choose to wear something more comfortable and loose when you’re on flight.

Eat light drink light

In flight menus offer varied food options. But it is important that you stay away from heavy meals. They leave you feeling bloated. Keep yourself hydrated with water, juices and other refreshing beverages.

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