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Standing Garment Steamer


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  • Havells Creazo comes with 6 speed control for different types of fabrics
  • 30g/min Steam Output gives extra smoothness over almost all kind of fabric
  • Water tank is removable for easy refilling and cleaning
  • Rotary wheels gives an extra comfort for easy mobility
  • Telescopic Pole for height adjustment and easy storage
  • 360 degree rotating hanger with clips
  • Garment steaming for wrinkle free fabrics
  • Power: 1800 W, Power input: 230 V, Frequency (hertz): 50 Hz, Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts
  • Includes: 1 Main Unit, 1 Hose, 1 Gloves, 1 Supporting Tube, 1 Holder, 1 Hanger, 1 Garment support board, 1 Nozzle Brush, 1 Splint & Instruction manual.

Keep your Garments Crisp and Fresh

To resolve your ironing worries, Havells offers an amazing garment steamer that helps you remove the wrinkles and brings more effective ironing to your clothes. Havells garment steamer comes with 6 speed control for different types of fabrics and its 30g/min steam output gives extra smoothness over almost all kinds of fabric. It sports a removable water tank which makes it easier to refill and clean the tank. Besides that, its rotary wheels provide you extra mobility and manoeuvrability while working with the steamer. The telescopic pole allows height adjustment, enabling everyone to handle the garment steamer easily. The garment steamer by Havells India Ltd also boasts of 360 degree rotating hanger with clips as well.

6-Speed Control

The garment steamer features a 6-speed control knob which lets you control the amount of steam. It can be used to perfectly steam different types of fabric with ease and aplomb.

Powerful Steam Jet

Thanks to its ingenuous design features and construction, this steamer can offer a powerful jet of steam. It allows the steamer to effectively steam the clothes and give you the crisp ironed effect.

Telescopic Pole

The steaming head is mounted on a telescopic pole which allows you to adjust the height of the pole effortlessly. This will enable you to steam all kinds of garments without the fear of soiling them.

Comes with Wheels

The steamer sports rotary wheels at the bottom which greatly adds to the portability and manoeuvrability of the steamer. With these wheels you won’t have to drag the steamer around. You just have to roll it.

Rotating Hanger

Along with the steamer, the top also features a hanger to hang the clothes for steaming conveniently. The hanger is mounted on a rotating head which lets you evenly and completely steam the dress without moving much yourself.

Removable Water Tank

The water tank of the steamer is completely detachable. It lets you remove the tank from the base of the steamer and refill it much more neatly and easily. This feature makes cleaning the tank easier also.


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Standing Garment Steamer