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Quinix Transparent Water Purifier/Filter – 24L


Filters up to 99% impurities
Non-electric water purifier
7 stage ceramic water filter
Shatterproof body
Unbreakable storage container
Capacity – 24 Lit.
No boiling require
No running water require
Kills 99% disease-causing bacteria & virus
Quinix water purifier is a non-electrical water purifier which features a 7 stage filter and a magnetic tap to make sure you get the purest and germ-free water to drink. It has a total capacity of 20litres, 24litres, 28litres, and 32litres. It is non-electrical, and that makes it perfect as you can get purified clean water any time you are thirsty it is a product with great users experiences. It also comes with free Alkaline PH Tester


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Quinix Transparent Water Purifier/Filter – 24L