RUZU KAMKPE WINE (6 bottles in a carton)


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RUZU KAMKPE WINE-(6 bottles in a carton)

Kamkpe Herbal Wine is another masterclass of Ruzu Brands of products specially formulated to assist families, adults and young vibrant youths with the right vibes and energy. Kamkpe Herbal Wine will serenade your body system to perform all forms of tasks.
Kamkpe Herbal Wine helps to:
a) Stimulate the free flow of blood through the blood vessel and capillaries
b) Improve sexual libido mostly in men and drive
c) Eradicates menstrual pain and sexual infection
d) Effective in the management of quick ejaculation (in men)
e) Controls waist pain, dizziness and brighter foresight……

Check the dosage description on the bottle.


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RUZU KAMKPE WINE (6 bottles in a carton)