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Ozone Generator 40g


Portable Air Disinfection Machine Home Ozone Machine to Remove Formaldehyde Ozone Machine for Rooms Smoke Cars and Pets

Powerful air purification function: The ozone generator can produce 40g / hr.

Easy to use: Provide professional air purification function, just put it there, you can set the countdown to 0-120 minutes. Open and set the time, it will start working and close after setting the time. When you come back, fresh air will be presented to you.
Portable and efficient: The ozone generator is equipped with a handle, a cooling fan, and uses ball bearings for heat dissipation, which can operate stably for 24 hours. It can be placed anywhere. Built-in ceramic plate, easy to load and unload, easy to clean.
Wide application range: The ozone generator can remove formaldehyde and eliminate odor, and can be used in cars, bedrooms, hotels, hospitals, smoking areas and other places.

Product Name: Portable Ozone Generator
Product size: 245 * 150 * 170 (mm)
Power: 120W
Ozone concentration: 40g / hr
Weight: 2.2kg
Timing function: support
High Purification rate
Application areas: home, office, hotel etc


  • Air Disinfectant
  • Removes Formaldehyde
  • Easy to use
  • Portable and efficient
  • Wide application range
Ozone Generator
Power cord
Instruction Manual


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Ozone Generator 40g