Led Display Faucet Electric Water Heater


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Led Display Faucet Electric Water Heater Tankless Water Heater Electric Hot Water Heater Electric Faucet Household Water Heater 3 Second Fast Heat 3000W High Power LCD Temperature Display Easy Installation Cold Temperature Switch Overheating Protection Water Power Separation 40°C to 55°C Temperature Adjustable IPX4 Waterproof Design Instant Electric Water Heater Shower Instant Water Heater for Kitchen, Bathroom, Toilet


(Fast Heating for 3 Seconds Heating) Stainless steel electric heating tube, 3 seconds fast heating, continuous warmth, instant heating, healthy and safe. Heats immediately after turning on the machine and no need to wait. This water heater can be applied to families with different water pressure in different regions, especially high floors with low water pressureLCD Temperature Display: High sensitivity temperature sensor, real-time display of water temperature, easy to use. You can always control the water temperature. IPX4 grade waterproof body provides excellent protection without fear of splashesTemperature Adjustment: The temperature can be adjusted from 104°F to 122°F (40°C to 55°C), and automatically shut down when the temperature is over 194°F (90°C). Water and electricity isolation design, leak protection, overheating protection, built-in power protection wall and safety equipment, smart, safety and more safe to use(3,000 W High Power) Direct heating type with high efficiency and low power heating tube that allows you to utilize your thermal energy. The total power is 3000 W, which heats up rapidly and saves heating timeEasy Installation: The water heater is small and easy to install and does not take up much space. The bathroom can be installed in a small size and can be used by connecting it to a water supply pipeNote: The exterior of this product writes 220 V, and the actual rated voltage of the product is 110 V. Buy with confidence!


1x water heater faucet


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Led Display Faucet Electric Water Heater