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itel ISG-65 600W Portable Solar Generator


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**Solar panels need to be bought separately



Charge More, Pay Less   Endless Solar Power   No Noise at Night   Endless Solar Power   Solar generator 600 operates at super-quiet levels at all times, especially perfect for indoor use at night.       600W Output – 544WhCapacity   Power 90% of Appliances   With a massive 544Wh capacity and 600W AC output to conveniently power almost 90% of appliances-such as fans, TVs, light bulbs, and any essential devices.       High Quality Lithium Battery   Powered by automotive-grade lithium batteries, charge for up to 5 years of everyday use. Safe and highly efficient, even in warm temperatures.       Come With Bright Lights   3 levels of adjustable brightness, no fear of frequent power outages at night whether you’re studying or working.       3 Ways to Recharge   Charge Anywhere Anytime using AC, Generator and Solar       Fast Recharge Speed   Quick Recharge   Input 90w Full Charge 6Hrs     Solar Recharge   Input 100w Panel Full Charge 10Hrs     Safe and Stable Voltage   Say goodbye to the external voltage regulators, Solar Generator 600 offers continuous and stable power.     12 Months Warranty   The Long warranty give you peace of mind.     No Maintenance   No more extra maintenance, save money and time.

  • 544Wh Capacity
  • More Rechargeable Ways
  • Multiport Charging
  • Battery Management System

Charge Most of Your Device Anywhere   Itel Solar Generator helps you get through the dilemma time of home power outage! It is powerful enough to powering a variety of devices. But it is also very portable. Its quite light weight and can be comfortably carried with just one hand.       Fast Charging   Charge Up Quickly, Ready to Go   Plug into standard AC wall outlet to fast charge       More Recharging Ways   Charge As You Will     Solar Charging   Fully recharged in 10 hours using 100W Solar Panel     AC Charging   Fully recharged in 6 hours (90W)      Multiport Charging   Charge Up to 9 Devices   Carrying the generator can meet your multiple device charging needs. It can charge 9 devices simultaneously at the same time, no need to worry about delaying your outdoor activities.   1 USB-A Output – 12W Max 2 Fast Charge USB-A Output – 36W Max 3 USB-C Output – 100W Max 4 Car Outlet I 120W Max 5 DC5521 Output – 12V DC, 10A Max 6 AC Output – 230Vac 50-60HZ; 600W 1000W(Max)     Fast Charging   Charge As a Flash   The maximum output of ISG-65 can reach 1000W under technology. The ISG-65 technology allows you to power equipment with a higher-rated power.       Battery Management System   Give You All-round Protection   1. Intelligent Temperature Controlling Cooling Fans Efficient cooling and safer.   2. V-0 Grade Fireproof Case Professional protection is more secure.   3. BMS Intelligent Battery Management System With 8 Layer of Safety Protection: High Temperature/Low temperature Over Discharge/ Overload/ Short-circuit Over Voltage/ Over Current/ Battery Fault Protection   4. UL Certification of Automotive Grade Power Cores High discharge rates,accurate rated capacities, and long cycle life.       Built To Last   Up to 5 years of everyday use   Lithium-ion Battery       What’s in the Box? 1. ISG-65 Solar Generator 2. 2pcs LED Bulbs 3. AC Charging Adapter 4. Adapter Cable 5. Solar Panel Cable 6. User Manual     **Solar panels and solar charging cables need to be bought separately.


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itel ISG-65 600W Portable Solar Generator