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Hazy Weather Causes Ethiopian Airline unable to land in Enugu Airport

Ethiopian Airline

Enugu – (Daily Trust) – An Ethiopian international flight which could not land at the Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu on Sunday due to bad weather which was caused by the harmattan was forced to make a quick u-turn and flew back to Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian international flight was scheduled to land at the Akanu Ibiam airport by 3pm but when it got there it was not safe and proper for landing, hence it made quick ‘u-turn’ and flew back to Ethiopia.

The passengers were said to have protested, but their safety and life meant more to the Airport authority and the Ethiopian Airline who later checked all the passengers into a hotel in Ethiopia, according to the airport official.

“There was protest but it was not much. The Airline checked them into a hotel in Ethiopia and explained to them the risky condition, and I think they appreciated it,” the source said.

About six flights comprising local and international flights were scheduled for yesterday (Saturday) at the Enugu airport but the hazy, harmattan weather affected all the flights.

The source could not recall the exact number of the passengers on board the Ethiopian airline nor could he remember the registration number.

“I know it’s a big Boeing aircraft. You know that international aircraft are usually big. The offices have closed now and the staff are gone, especially today being Sunday. But I know it’s a very big aircraft,” he said.

At the airport, there were fewer activities there. The visibility was very poor with the weather condition still not improved.  There were not many vehicles were seen parked in the car park there unlike normal days when aircraft were taking off and others landing. Even the airport taxis were nowhere to be found at the airport because there were no flight operations.

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