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Fleeing the London terror attack with a pint of beer

– the logistics of saving your passion


Amidst police gun shots repelling the terror attacks, bullets flying, he pushed and strutted away with a firm grip on his glass of beer, eyes darting back and forth as he fled to safety from the vicinity of the mayhem.

That aptly captured what a man would do to save what is most precious to him. A glass of beer. How far would you go to save what’s precious to you?

Business Insider captured a tweet of Jun 3, 2017 from Andrew Brooks‏ @taxbod  in reaction to the image of the man fleeing the London bridge terror scene: ‘’Evacuate? Well, OK. But this beer cost £6 a pint. I’m taking it with me. #LondonBridge.’’

A man dashing away from London’s terrorist attack with a pint of beer in hand is being hailed as a symbol of the city’s defiant spirit.

He was spotted in a Sky News segment on Saturday about the attack, which killed seven people and injured 48. As Londoners trotted away from the scene, the man walked slowly, apparently making sure not to spill a drop.

The unnamed individual has, of course, become a meme. On Twitter, people are lauding his efforts — and joking about London’s high prices for drinks.

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