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E-Commerce Between USA and Nigeria Made Easy By Moov Africa

Moov Africa has opened its e-commerce portal, branded Shop2Me, to the Nigerian public, on the company’s main website,

The online portal assists discerning shoppers to make purchases of vital goods in USA from the comfort of their homes or offices in Nigeria, while they pay in the local currency, Naira.

Shop2Me delivers within 7 days of a purchase.

How it works

. Browse your favourite shopping website.

. Select the items you want to purchase.

. Copy Link, then go to Shop2Me on and drop it in the order form

. Pay the charges after your order is verified

Follow us on Twitter @shop2mebyMoovAfrica for exciting daily deals

Shopping & Shipping in USA
. Commodity Price: Selling price online

. Shipping/Drop-off in U.S processing centre: Free (unless charged by online shop)

. Minimum Airfreight weight charge is $4/lb

Shop2Me Operations
. Purchases > Pickup of shop Items > Airfreight to Lagos > Customs clearing> Delivery

. Duration to Lagos: 7 days after pickup/delivery/drop-off by U.S shop

. Delivery to Buyer: Sameday of clearing

Delivery (Optional)
. Collection at our Shop2Me Lagos office: – Free

. Delivery at your home or office:               – local delivery charge apply

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