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USA’s TSA will install 40 luggage CT scanners in airports this year

  The technology gives agents clearer views of luggage contents.   The TSA has been using CT scanners to screen airline passengers' luggage since last year -- early tests of the technology have been taking place in Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport and Boston's Logan International Airport. But now, the agency has shared its plans for CT technology going

Nigeria Tightens Airport Security Amidst Fears of Isis Attacks

The Nigerian government intensified stricter passenger screening and other tougher security measures for all commercial flights earlier this month, following threats of renewed attacks linked to the deadly Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Although no imminent threats were immediately identified by federal authorities, the reported influx of ISIS fighters

NPA Moves to Tackle Increased Attacks On Vessels

Following the increased attacked on vessels berthed at the Lagos Ports Complex (LPC), the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has outlined strategies to curb such attacks. The Managing Director of the NPA, Ms. Hadeza Bala-Usman who disclosed this at a quarterly stakeholders meeting in Lagos, admitted that there are challenges in the

Blockchain-based app can hold supply chain partners accountable for container damage

Blockchain – The invincible technology changing the face of innovation of 2018 Logistics services provider TCompanies’ newest venture, Photo Equipment Interchange Receipt (PEIR), is an app for logistics companies that aims to digitalize the process of recording damage to containers and trailers. The PEIR app’s interface allows those handling freight at transition