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Nipost to leverage on ICT tools for revenue generation’

At a closing Ceremony of  a strategic management training for Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) staffs  in Ogere Ogun State, The Minister of Communication, Mr. Adebayo Shittu disclosed that  the country would re-position the NIPOST for national growth by leveraging on information and communication technology (ICT), especially now that disruptive technologies abound.

According to him, the forum like similar ones planned for the near future, was a demonstration of the Federal Government’s desire to re-position NIPOST and make it an enviable institution whose success story can be replicated.

“Over the years, there has been a mismatch between planned targets and budgetary outcomes as well as service delivery at NIPOST. This has impeded growth and development in this very vital organ of national communication.

“It is in this context that the retreat was designed to discuss issues around the resolve to reposition the organisation. The retreat also serves as an opportunity to have a general overview of NIPOST within the framework of the ICT strategic road map, its key priorities and deliverables,” he said.

Shittu noted that the retreat could not have been more relevant especially at such a time “when the ICT sector is seeking homegrown solutions to reposition itself in line with present-day realities of the 21st century. I am positive that everyone has had the opportunity to reflect on how we can re-fix and reposition NIPOST for national growth by leveraging on ICT.  Repositioning NIPOST brings with it a number of dimensions that must be addressed in a systematic and planned manner, if we are to achieve the desired goal.”

He promised to fast-track the postal reform bill and urged all and sundry to make improvements in ensuring a better mail and financial service sector.

“In the face of fast-shifting customer expectations and technological disruption, we must be on top of our game; we must innovate rapidly. To remain relevant and deliver sustainable superior performance, we need human and institutional capacity development. The workforce needs 21st century skills to stay competitive and relevant in the global, dynamic industry,” he said. Shittu added that the government was ready to digitalise the workforce.

On his part, Postmaster-General Adebisi Adegbuyi said that it was not totally true that the Internet had crippled opportunities for making money.

However, he was quick to point that postal agencies worldwide have encountered challenges because of disruptive technologies: “Internet has also given us several opportunities in the area of e-commerce, which allows people to shop online and the products have to be delivered to them,” he said.





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