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Kenya To Reduce Traffic Congestion In Nairobi

Traffic snarl in Nairobi, Kenya


…..Heavy Traffic has for long been the bane of Nairobi

Nairobi- Kenya – The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) is attempting to reduce traffic snarl-ups in Nairobi by automating traffic management. This will be done through the Intelligence Traffic System project, which will replace the 100 roundabouts in Nairobi with signalized intersections that will be monitored from a computerized traffic management center.

Director General Silas Kinoti says the 1.4 billion shillings project will be operational in the year 2020. This is not the first attempt at ridding Nairobi City of perennial traffic snarl-ups that cost the economy 100 billion shillings annually. Recently the county has reigned in on the matatu (or matatus are privately owned mini-buses) which contribute heavily to traffic within the city center.

Two years ago, Nairobi City County spent Kshs 400m to install CCTV cameras to manage city traffic. However, after installation, they were reported as non-functional.


Kenya Urban Roads Authority is now set to spend the funds in installing what it calls Nairobi Intelligent Traffic System. According to Kinoti, the project aims at removing 400 junctions and roundabouts within the city in a project jointly financed by the World Bank.

The roundabouts will be replaced with signalized intersections to be monitored from a computerized traffic management center. Civil works are expected to begin in February next year with phase one set for completion in the year 2020.


With reports from PML- Keyan

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