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How Uber cut fares in Lagos by 40%

Global ride hailing company, UBER, brags that it has lowered fares for uberX in Lagos, Nigeria by as much as 40 per cent.

Uber’s General Manager for Uber Sub-Saharan Africa, Mr. Alon Lits said, “Based on early results, drivers are earning more in fares for every hour they work. This is led by an increase in the number of trips requested from first time users, showing that the reduced prices have helped reach new customers,”

Lits maintained that Uber has brought with it a new era of financial independence for the drivers who use the Uber app, as well as a new sense of freedom for riders.

“In May 2017, as part of efforts to make its services even more accessible to a wider range of people, Uber lowered fares for uberX in Lagos by 40 per cent. This has been beneficial to driver-partners but has also made it easier and more affordable for riders to get around their city,” he said.

He explained that Uber has every confidence – after years of experience – that driver-partners will continue to see more demand from riders.

“We are continuously watching and reviewing the effects of the fare reduction and we are thrilled that the results show that it is working and drivers are making more than before,” he added.

Uber is an innovative information technology solutions provider connecting commercial car drivers with passengers through a mobile app. The company which officially launched operations in Nigeria in July 2014, said it has since been providing safe, reliable and affordable transportation alternative for tens of thousands of Nigerians by simply tapping a button.

Uber operates extensively within Lagos and Abuja Metropolises. The company said the fare reduction was part of its efforts to make its services even more accessible to a wider range of people just as it said it was transforming the lives of driver-partners in Nigeria.

Lits also explained that six years and over two billion trips since its debut, Uber had started tackling an even greater challenge such as reducing congestion and pollution in many cities by getting more people into fewer cars. “The Uber network is now available in over 475 cities in over 75 countries spanning 6 continents,” he said.

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