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President Trump, Jeff Bezos and the Solution for the United States Postal Service

The USPS generates 70% of their revenues from mail delivery. Amazon today announced a new program designed to encourage entrepreneurs to enter into an agreement with Amazon to open their own Amazon-backed delivery service. In exchange for a $10,000 investment, Amazon will provide up to 40 vans and allow drivers to wear Amazon-branded uniforms.

DHL adding e-commerce operation to existing Aussie facility

The increase in e-commerce exports from Australia has prompted DHL to add an e-commerce-specific distribution center to its already-existing 16,700-square-meter Melbourne cargo facility, operated by DHL’s Global Forwarding division. The co-located operation are situated in the Melbourne suburb of Tullamarine. The new addition, operated by DHL’s eCommerce division, will mostly handle

DHL Parcel adds POST Luxembourg partner to delivery network

Regional postal service provider, POST Luxembourg, will be DHL Parcel’s newest partner in the logistics giant’s “Parcel Connect” service, which aims to capitalize on inter-European trade, especially of e-commerce cargo. The services will initially be limited to imports from Europe to Luxembourg, but “in a second phase,” will begin offering exports

E-Commerce Between USA and Nigeria Made Easy By Moov Africa

Moov Africa has opened its e-commerce portal, branded Shop2Me, to the Nigerian public, on the company’s main website, The online portal assists discerning shoppers to make purchases of vital goods in USA from the comfort of their homes or offices in Nigeria, while they pay in the local currency, Naira. Shop2Me