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Cargolux bans ‘hunting trophies,’ citing environmental sustainability

Today, Luxembourg-based all-cargo carrier Cargolux has banned the transportation of wild game, otherwise known as “hunting trophies,” to take effect immediately.

“This practice does not align with the company’s ethical engagements and policies,” said Richard Forson, CEO of Cargolux, stating that the carrier is “committed to building a sustainable business model,” including environment preservation.

Cecil the Lion – Image courtesy of Flickr, Daughter#3

This decision comes after a wave of airlines renounced their participation in the trade of hunting trophies in 2015, following the controversial hunting of Cecil the Lion, a beloved pillar of the community and tourist attraction in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.

Dozens of carriers, including Delta, United and American Airlines, changed their policies to prohibit transporting the controversial cargo.

The United States’ most prevalent integrators, UPS and FedEx, have stayed out of the conversation despite various petitions that aim to stop them from offering the transportation of hunting trophies.


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