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Angry Passengers disrupt Airline operations over delayed flight

Lagos – Stranded passengers on the Medview Airline Lagos – London flight yesterday besieged the airline counter-protesting the delay of their flight at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos.

The angry passengers created a chaotic scene at the airport requesting for either the refund of their airfares or be transferred to another international airline heading to their destination.

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Unfortunately, the airline could not meet either of the passengers’ request, thus provoking most of the passengers to rain verbal abuses on the airline staff present at the check-in counters. The aircraft deployed by the airline on international routes had some technical problems in London and could not be brought in to airlift passengers in Lagos.

Chief Operating Officer of Medview Airline, Mr. Michael Ajigbotosho, in a statement said the aircraft originating from London developed some faults that necessitated its being grounded in London for further checks and maintenance.

He explained that the airline had to seek the permission of the civil aviation authorities in Nigeria and UK to lease aircraft to airlift the stranded passengers, but lamented the lack of cooperation from the passengers to allow the airline undertake the operation in an orderly process.

“Our flight VL 2101 out of London to Lagos on Friday December, 22 which has about 300 passengers on board returned back to Gatwick after departure as a precautionary measure taken by the Pilot- in – Command (PiC) in line with Aviation Standard and Recommended Practices,” said Ajigbotosho.

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  “This led to the cancellation of the flight as the aircraft was declared AOG (Aircraft On Ground). After the aircraft was declared AOG, we had to wait for a maintenance report. The aircraft had to remain on ground until a certified expert carries out the necessary checks and certify that the aircraft is airworthy,” he explained.


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